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Blissful Womb – Peaceful World

When I was 14 or 15 years old, my father told me a secret of a happy family – a HAPPY WOMAN. A couple of years later, when I embraced a more body-centered approach of lovemaking, his statement made profound sense to me.​When both man and woman drops their goal-orientedness in lovemaking and connect inwards, […]

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Say NO to New Year Resolutions

Just the other day, a friend of mine asked me “So, what is your New Year Resolution?”. I replied, “No! I don’t have a new year resolutions, rather my only resolution is not to have any resolution. I am pledged to live a life of purpose. To me that is the best way to welcome […]

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8 Primary Keys for Self Healing

Self-healing is an expression of love directed toward yourself. Have you ever found it hard to believe that you can heal yourself? Yet you have a feeling there’s more between heaven and earth. Have you read about spontaneous remissions and thought it was made up? Yet you might have seen someone recover against all odds […]

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