Reaching out to a right trainer who can help address issues being faced by you as an individual, as a couple, as a team or as a community is often a challenge. At regular intervals, I hold inspired series of training, workshop, and retreats. Each of these events is planned, customised and executed to provide useful guidance and right solutions to resolve problems being faced by the majority of the participants.

Retreat: Unleash the Roadmap to PROSPERITY

A unique 2-day retreat that change your understanding about prosperity. This retreat will empower you with the road map to attract, create and sustain prosperity in your life. It further guides you to step into the world of entrepreneurship. You are empowered to attract wealth with ease, and effortlessness.

Retreat: Inspired Success

A unique retreat that helps you to regain the power of self, and dare to dream, achieve, sustain and relish the success. Rekindle your potential to create, maintain and enjoy a successful yet soulful life. Understand the indelible link between soul, success, and spirituality. Dive into your true self and your purpose in life.