Habits differentiates successful Entrepreneurship from the masses

Everyone aspires to be a successful entrepreneur. However, very few finally gets recognized as the successful entrepreneur.

When I carefully look at the lifestyle of these successful individuals, what separates them from the masses are the habits that they inculcate into their daily lives. Here are some of the common habits that each individual must imbibe if their desire is to be great entrepreneurs.

  • Planning your day: This keeps us away from distractions.
  • Goal setting: Setting goals ensures that you stay focused and productive all throughout the day.
  • Self-affirmations: This keeps your morale high.
  • Appreciate and Reward yourself: We needed to tell us that we are doing good. This encourages us to do better than what we are doing now.
  • Play Music: It helps you to relax.
  • Regular breaks: When you take breaks at regular intervals, it revitalize you.
  • Reading: Each day read something useful and something funny or entertaining. Reading is crucial for success.
  • Socializing: Entrepreneurship is all about making profitting and professional connections. Connections can only happen when you meet other individuals. Thus socializing is essential for your success.

About the Author

Vishwas Chavan is the author of the best-selling book "VishwaSutras: Universal Principles for Living", and recently published e-book "PanchSutras: Five Fundamental Principles for Success". Vishwas has had an amazing journey of self-evolution, self-transformation from a slum-boy to a science diplomat to an author, inspirational speaker, success strategist, transformational mentor and spiritualist. Vishwas has over 20 years of experience in the field of knowledge management. Prolific writer and inspiring speaker, Vishwas has literary bent of mind. He has co-authored a book of poems called "SoulBliss: A Poetic Tale of Cosmic Love" with Ms. Majbrit Villadsen. In 2015, Vishwas and Majbrit co-funded SoulBliss Academy. He is a keen observer of human behavior, and along the way has spotted principles (sutras) of success in people from all walks of life. Vishwas is a well sought after success coach and transformational mentor. Connect with Vishwas at: vishwas(at)vishwasutras.com

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