Finding just a right speaker is a challenge. The success of an event depends on the quality of a speaker. I believe in working closely with my organizer so that I can answer queries of my audience to the best of my abilities and their satisfaction.

I speak on a variety of topics from Soul, Success, Spirituality, Entrepreneurship, Inspired living, Startups, Leadership, Management, to Love, Relating and Lovemaking.

​As a professional, I have been speaking at national and international forums for over 25 years now.

This page provides the overview of what I have to offer to you. It also gives you the taste of what to expect from me.

Thank you for stopping by. Thanks for considering me . I feel honored.

What You Can Expect from ME

  • Well researched talks that can address queries of your audience, and with solutions to the issues
  • Interview with the key team member organizing the event, so that I can best understand how to address the queries, concerns, and problems of you and your audiance
  • Post event feedback interview with the member of organizing team
  • Prompt responses to either via email, phone or skype (during event finalisation and prior to the event)
  • Custom resource page for your audiance for post-event use purposes

Most Requested Topics

I speak on topics related to Soul, Success, Leadership, Startups and Entrepreneurship, Fear and Love, etc. Here are some of the most requested topics:

  • Soul, Success and Spirituality
  • Inspired Series of Talks (Inspired Success, Learning, Teaching, Business, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship, etc.)
  • Establishing Profitable STARTUPs
  • Shaping Inspired Teams
  • Success through Social Entrepreneurship
  • Overcoming Fear and Embracing Love
  • Making Love to Shaping Success

Next Steps:

Thanks for considering me for your event. The next natural step is to write to my team: info(at)vishwasutras.com. Member of my team will respond to your email as soon as possible.

Please ensure that your email includes:

  • Name of the contact person, contact details (phone/mobile/email), name of the institution/forum
  • Name of the event, event date, event location (city/province/country), preferred language
  • Your idea or expectations from me