Never Buy It, Earn It!

Living soulful, successful and satisfied life is a process of evolution. One evolve through every experience at every moment. Your decision about “how to act” at a given moment and the cumulative impacts of such acts determines the degree of success. However, many a times we miss the point that success is an evolutionary journey. On the contrary we wish or crave for express gratification, and thus we often look for shortcuts.

There are smart ways to success but no short cuts. Becoming successful is a process. – Vishwas. [Tweet this]


Talking of shortcuts, reminds me of three separate instances or experiences in my life.

Instance / Experience 1: I grew up in the slums of Pune (India). My parents were often ridiculed by neighbours for being too strict with me and my siblings for being serious with our lives. My parents always ensured that we go to moderately good school, we study at times, we take part in sports and several other self-development activities. At times they slept hungry, delayed buying clothes for them and for us. They even compromised their own health.

They always emphasised that we stay focused on shaping our lives. At times, I used to be angry with them. Of course, some of our neighbours fueled our anger saying that my parents are too harsh with us and that we don’t deserve such a parent. However, my parents always maintained that

Success can never be bought; you have to earn it! – Vishwas [Tweet this]

After many years, I understood what they meant when they say one has to earn their success.

Instance / Experience 2: Mangesh used to be by neighbour in the slums of Pune. His father used to be someone who always ridiculed my parents for being strict with us, and being serious about our future. Decades later when I met Mangesh. When I listened to his story, I thanked my parents for being strict and serious and for caring so much for our future. Why? – watch this “Never Buy it, Earn it” video here.

One can not buy or bribe one’s way to success; it needs to be earned. – Vishwas [Tweet this]

Instance / Experience 3: A few years back, I met a student who was planning to join one of the Australian universities for his Ph.D. Curious about his plans, I asked if he had secured a fellowship or did he have alternate plans for how to support his education and stay in Australia. His instant answer was that his parents were going to sponsor him. I was shocked and surprised by his answer, because I was aware about the poor financial state of his parents. When I asked him “why he thinks it is his parents responsibility?”, his answer was even more shocking. He said, “competing for a fellowship is difficult and very few people are awarded one”. I was taken aback by his shortcut attitude to success.

All of these instances or experiences have made indelible impression on me, and how I look at life, and one’s progress in life. Both Mangesh’s father and my student unknowingly attempted to take short cuts in life, and it didn’t work for either of them. Because,

There are smart ways to success but no short cuts. Becoming successful is a process, and it’s important that one moves through all the required steps. One cannot buy or bribe one’s way to success; it needs to be earned. – Vishwas [Tweet this]

Therefore, I urge you not to take shrot cuts in life, and I encourage you to opt for smart drive. Whatever state your are in life, and at whatever stage of success your are, “Never buy it, Earn it!“.

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