Retreat: Inspired Teaching

Teaching is not about preaching. It is about how you evolve or transform yourself, learn, communicate, collaborate, create, drive change, inspire and influence the future.


Why Inspired Teaching Is Unique?

Inspired Teaching retreat conceived, conceptualised and developed by Vishwas have evolved after years of introspection about educational system, studies of faculty development programs, interviews with faculty members and feedbacks from students, industry, community and society worldwide. Inspired teaching consciously empower the students by introducing them to the following:

  • Awakening the power of SELF
  • Understanding of real and holistic SUCCESS
  • Inculcating sense of inspired LEADERSHIP
  • Reigniting DESCA


Part 1: Awakening the power of SELF

Unleash the power of five fundamental principles for success. Regain the power of self. Open yourself to dreaming consciously. Plan your mission in life. Overcome fear and procrastination and take action. Learn how to sustain success.

Part 2: Understanding Real SUCCESS   

Learn the art of being an inspired leader. Be the inspiration for self and for others. Learn to lead without titles. Be the change that you want to see in others. Empower members of your team and touch the lives for better.

Part 3: Inculcating Inspired LEADERSHIP 

How to be tough, when going gets tough. How to give your best during challenged times. Sustain your performance under odd circumstances. Understand the secrets of leading from the front without losing cool, and without expectations.

Part 4: Reigniting DESCA           

Re-learn your understanding of sexuality and its role in one's success. Give yourself an opportunity to experience bliss in your personal and professional life by optimizing sexual energy.                                

Part 5: Spiritualising Success   

How to benefit from seven spiritual laws of success. How to be wealthy yet saintly at the same time. How to attract abundance through spiritual understanding of self.                                      

Bonus: Post Event Followup      

Suit of practical tips & exercises to embrace each day. Workbooks for post event self-practice. Post event support through VishwaSutras Inspirations. Induction into global community of inspired individuals.

  • Duration
  • participants
  • REtreat
  • venue
  • requirements

Time is one of the most valuable resource. Therefore, it is advised that events are planned well in advance. It is often very challenging to accommodate last minute requests. Thus, we humbly suggest that you get in touch with us as early as possible.

Prior to the retreat Vishwas may conduct a brief survey of issues, challenges, and expectations of the organization and the individuals who are chosen to participate in the retreat.

Retreat require audio-video presentation facilities, public auditory system, relaxed seating, stationary for exercises, team works and for taking notes. Video recording of the sessions is one of the essential pre-requisites.

What is Next?

Thanks for considering me to be coach for this retreat and/or training in your institution, organisation or a community. The next natural step is to write to my team at info(at) Member of my team will respond to your email as soon as possible.

Please ensure that your email includes:

  • Name of the contact person, contact details (phone/mobile/email), name of the institution/forum.
  • Why you feel that 'Inspired Success' is most needed or desirable program to be held in your organization
  • Brief information of your organization and overview of participants
  • Time period when you wish to held the event, location and facilities available at the proposed venue
  • Your ideas or expectations from me