Secrets of Creating Wealth

Each one of us wish to be wealthy. However, very few individuals can truly be called "wealthy". So, what differentiates wealthy individual from a broke one or not so wealthy one? Here are some secrets that I have realized during my journey so far. These are not in any specific orders. Each one of these secrets play a vital role in ones journey to be wealthy.

  • Define PURPOSE of Life
  • Determine Your WHY?
  • Awakened DREAMS and SLUMDOG HOPE
  • Having a Burning DESIRE and PASSION
  • Develop Wealth Creating Habits
  • Mastering Conscious COMPETENCE
  • Inculcate Law of ATTRACTION
  • EDUCATE Yourself at all times
  • Be an avid READER
  • Develop Pleasing PERSONALITY
  • Manage Your PRIORITIES
  • Associate with WINNERS
  • LISTEN to Information and Knowledge
  • Initiate SMART ACTIONS each day
  • Develop COMMUNICATIONS Skills
  • PAY for Yourself first
  • REDUCE Expenses
  • INCREASE Your Income
  • IMPROVE and EXPAND Credit Lines
  • Leverage upon OFR (Other's Financial Resources)
  • Being SPIRITUAL at core

Therefore, being wealthy and being truly rich is not a short term goal. It is a lifelong journey. As you continue to evolve positively, your potential to achieve milestone strengthens.

However, good news is that you can kick start your journey of becoming a truly wealthy individual can begin at this very moment itself. If you follow these principles wealth will be attracted towards you for sure.

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About the Author

Vishwas Chavan is the author of the best-selling book "VishwaSutras: Universal Principles for Living", and recently published e-book "PanchSutras: Five Fundamental Principles for Success". Vishwas has had an amazing journey of self-evolution, self-transformation from a slum-boy to a science diplomat to an author, inspirational speaker, success strategist, transformational mentor and spiritualist. Vishwas has over 20 years of experience in the field of knowledge management. Prolific writer and inspiring speaker, Vishwas has literary bent of mind. He has co-authored a book of poems called "SoulBliss: A Poetic Tale of Cosmic Love" with Ms. Majbrit Villadsen. In 2015, Vishwas and Majbrit co-funded SoulBliss Academy. He is a keen observer of human behavior, and along the way has spotted principles (sutras) of success in people from all walks of life. Vishwas is a well sought after success coach and transformational mentor. Connect with Vishwas at: vishwas(at)

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