Sex Education You Never Received Before!

Did you ever received sex education?

Were you happy with the sex education that you received?

Do you think the sex education that you received, is of any help in enhancing your sexual life?

In the early 80's when I was growing up, I never had sex education in the school. My early brush with sex education was in Std. XI when we learned about the human reproductive system - it was just biological and nothing more....

I was lucky enough that I had an opportunity to learn more about love, compassion, emotions, empathy, sensuality, soulfulness, spirituality and many other aspects of sex life - both from my parents and from OSHO, an Indian mystic Guru. However, I am just one of the lucky one to have had this opportunity - as it has shaped my sexual life and energy balance in my body in a more balanced way.

Unfortunately, millions across the globe are deprived of a holistic sex education and it affects the way we relate to each other and to our sexuality. This is what we share with couples during The Making Love Retreat.

The Making Love Retreat is designed for couples who are interested in deepening intimacy and love in their relationship. It’s for couples of all ages, and it’s for you whether you currently have an active sex life or not. As long as you have a shared commitment to deepening your connection you can benefit.

At this retreat, you are sure to discover new approach to sex. This will enhance love and connection in your relationship.

In this 7-day residential couples retreat you’ll learn how to make sex enjoyable for the both of you. You’ll discover the importance of quality in presence, and of connecting to yourself so that you may truly connect to your partner.

When we let go of pressures and expectations, relax into the body and become present in the moment - we experience how sensitivity expands and enhances the pleasure we feel in the body.

And although you may have reached a point where you don’t really feel much when making love, when we stop putting pressure, bring attention into our body as opposed to in our head and accept what is, we can feel how the body slowly opens and we start to notice pleasurable sensations.

These and many other tips will be shared during the retreat that will change the quality of your lovemaking for better. It is my experience that ever since, I adopted this body-centered approach of making love, every sexual encounter with my partner has become more blissful one. Thus, I appeal you to click below to learn more.

About the Author

Vishwas Chavan is the author of the best-selling book "VishwaSutras: Universal Principles for Living", and recently published e-book "PanchSutras: Five Fundamental Principles for Success". Vishwas has had an amazing journey of self-evolution, self-transformation from a slum-boy to a science diplomat to an author, inspirational speaker, success strategist, transformational mentor and spiritualist. Vishwas has over 20 years of experience in the field of knowledge management. Prolific writer and inspiring speaker, Vishwas has literary bent of mind. He has co-authored a book of poems called "SoulBliss: A Poetic Tale of Cosmic Love" with Ms. Majbrit Villadsen. In 2015, Vishwas and Majbrit co-funded SoulBliss Academy. He is a keen observer of human behavior, and along the way has spotted principles (sutras) of success in people from all walks of life. Vishwas is a well sought after success coach and transformational mentor. Connect with Vishwas at: vishwas(at)

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