Social Responsibility

My mission in life is to help humanity to move away from 'motivated success' war towards the pilgrimage of 'inspired success' so that every living being on this planet is successful, soulful and peaceful at the same time.

Vishwas Chavan

Social Responsibility: Why?

A Social Responsibility program is my way to express gratitude towards society at large, who has contributed immensely in shaping and transforming my life from a slum-boy to who am I today.

It is my way to invest into the future of humanity. It is my instrument to create equal opportunities for those who are under-privileged, less developed and less resourceful ones.

It is my approach to encourage every living beings to undertake the pilgrimage of Inspired Success.

- Vishwas

  • Requirements

It is possible that your organisation may not be eligible for Social Responsibility session. For instant, you are not a nonprofit organization or you are a privately owned educational institution, etc. It may also be possible that I may not be in your part of the globe around the dates, when you wish to organize such a social responsibility session.

Life is full of possibilities. Everything is I M POSSIBLE. Simply, write to Team Vishwas at info(at) explaining your situation or circumstances. I believe in finding suitable solutions.