S. Sivaram Padmashri & CSIR Bhatnagar Fellow, INDIA

I had the pleasure of listening to you yesterday. You were lucid in your presentation and your thoughts flowed effortlessly. My compliments. I know it requires both depth of understanding a subject and the felicity to deliver it. I think you have arrived as an inspirational speaker and in the good company of people like Deepak Chopra, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the like.

It was a pleasant surprise to see and hear Vishwas when I met him first during his open event VishwaSuytras: Gateway to Soul, Success and Spirituality in Pune. I was pretty much touched by knowing his background and impressed by his achievements in his career and spiritual life. My own belief on divinity of human potential got reinforced by knowing and listening to Vishwas. What I liked most is irrespective of success in the material world, Vishwas is humble and has a deep understanding of spiritual aspect of life. This is quiet uncommon.

Narendra Barhate CEO, SEED InfoTech
Sanjay Jain Channai, INDIA

Dear Vishwas, read your book "VishwaSutras: Universal Principles for Living" with great interest. I must say that there were tears in my eyes on quite many pages. Very well presented and excellently written book.

Rajmohana Keloth Scientist, ZSI, Kolkatta, INDIA

I am amazed of the mastery you have gained in an altogether different field. I have no doubt that you will succeed in inspiring people. I have watched the video of VishwaSutras launch event (26 July 2014) held at Pune. I would have surely enjoyed it better had I attended it in person. I felt it as a well knit event. Of many things discussed, the aspects regarding the role of communication in success really caught my attention. I also loved the concept explaining God within us. - Rajmohana Keloth, Zoological Survey of India, Calicut, India.

Absolutely and totally awesome discourse. Still in silence, trying to assimilate and analyse all that I heard. You have travelled a very very long way into your spiritual journey. I sensed a lot of depth in your articulation. It was a privilege to listen to your wisdom.

Jaideep Chitnis IT Professional

Your lecture on 'In quest of re(S)Search: Understanding indelible link between scientific and spiritual success was thought provoking. It showed me the way to doing things positively and achieve the success effortlessly. I salute you and your inspiring philosophy.

Prof. Kailash Kadam
PVP College of Arts, Science & Commerce, INDIA
Biba Jasmine University of Maryland

VishwaSutras is one of my treasured possessions. What you have done in developing and presenting VishwaSutras, is an absolute phenomenon. Your dedication and 'can do' attitude topped with limitless enthusiasm is utterly contagious.

I have watched your discourse several times. It is inspiring to watch the discourse. Would like to watch over and over again. Will surely try and put the principles set, in my life.

Supriya Hakeem Bioinformatician, INDIA
Prashant Kalake Asst. Professor, INDIA

Dear Sir, First, I would like to say lots of thanks for your inspiring lecture yesterday. I promise you that I will begin new life which is lot of a best qualities. Salute for being an inspiration.

Swapna Shephered Bioinformatician

Watched all the videos. Take great courage and discipline to execute something like this. Hope you give many more such inspiring discourses. I would have loved more of your personal anecdotes from your childhood, and would have loved to have seen more connection between the sutras and those very real personal experiences.

Vishwas is a true inspiration who recharge the atmosphere within minutes and kick start a thought process at the same time. It encourages you to ACT NOW to achieve a balanced and successful life.

Mahesh Hubli
SEED Infotech