VishwaSutras: Universal Principles for Living

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About the Author: Vishwas Chavan

Vishwas Chavan is known for his revolutionary views on soul, success and spirituality. Vishwas has had an amazing journey of self-evolution, self-transformation from a slum-boy to a science diplomat to an author, inspirational speaker, success strategist, transformational mentor and spiritualist. Vishwas has over 20 years of experience in the field of knowledge management. Prolific writer and inspiring speaker, Vishwas has literary bent of mind. Vishwas is a well sought after success coach and transformational mentor. Connect with Vishwas at: info(at)

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50 proven success principles that will transform your life for better
  • You are born with UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES to succeed, and attract abundance in your life
  • You are RESPONSIBLE for your success. You have ALL that needs to be successful
  • Success is a matter of CHOICE. Success = Dreams x Plans x Actions
  • Success through SPIRITUALITY is not only a possibility, but it is a reality
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